Welcome to dystopia

The first edition of Weekly5 with Audio Dope, Ja, Panik, Viagra Boys, Göldin & Bit-Tuner, and Arthur Hnatek & Taut.

Welcome to dystopia
Ja, Panik are back after six years. Photo: Max Zerrahn

A warm welcome,

If you don’t know me already: Hi, I’m Janosch. 👋

I started in journalism very traditionally in my school’s newspaper. Today, I work for a big publisher in Switzerland in community and product management.

However, my favourite topic has always been music. That’s why I ran the online magazine Negative White from 2010 until last year. Weekly5 is kind of a spin-off.

The premise of this newsletter is simple: Every Sunday, I recommend five new tracks from all over the world. My motivation is also simple: I love music, and I want to share my passion with you through this newsletter.

And without further ado: Let’s discover great music together. Fair warning, though. It’s going to be mostly dystopian sound. Thanks, 2020, I guess. 🤷‍♂️

Arthur Hnatek & Taut – Ritual

The collaboration between the Swiss artist Arthur Hnatek and New York’s Jacob Bergson, aka Taut, casts you in the abyss. Ritual celebrates dystopian soundscapes built upon bone-shattering beats. An electronic track that despises the dancefloor yet remains a physical experience.

Göldin & Bit-Tuner – #mikeskinner

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of Swiss-german rap. And precisely now, Göldin & Bit-Tuner drop the album Uff that couldn’t be a better statement on our society. #mikeskinner is an urgent track – flowing breathlessly, oppressively, uncanny. It might be, without a doubt, one of the best Swiss songs this year.