Edition #34 • Louis Dunford, Levin Goes Lightly, Loupe, Mastergrief, Claud


There’s nothing like a great story. Stories capture our attention, spark our imagination, and fuel our creativity. They can change the world. For ten years, storytelling was my job. Today it’s my passion.

And music is simply the extension of storytelling to our bodies, even purely instrumental songs tell us something. They still stir up emotions.

In today’s episode of Weekly5, the five songs all tell great stories: depressing descriptions of reality, longing tales, poetic narratives, and the mandatory love story.

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Louis Dunford – My Generation

He is the UK’s poster child of an up and coming songwriter: Louis Dunford saw major success with his (highly recommended) debut single London’s Requiem in 2020. After the first EP, The Moreland EP, he released a stunning new song: My Generation.

I see the local lads who did smash-and-grabs
On tag outside probation
I see the demonized and traumatized
By social deprivation
It's too gеntrified to attempt to die
In thе block where life started
'Cause they regenerate every estate
To cleanse the working classes

The track is another proof of Dunford’s storytelling talent. „This song started as a poem that I wrote about members of my family and friendship circle and the struggles I see them take on every day. When I sing every line, I see each specific person and situation in my head,“ he explains.

My Generation is a dark take on society and its widening gaps—beautifully told and accompanied by a grande arrangement. It chills you to the bones.