Stomps and Sweets

Edition #38 • Kat Frankie, Christin Nichols, Albertine Sarges, Fishbach, Egopusher

Stomps and Sweets
Kat Frankie

Initially, I wanted to shortly write about this week’s biggest music news: Neil Young leaving Spotify in protest. However, it got out of hand, and words kept flowing. So now, there’s a whole separate post for this topic if you’re interested in my thoughts:

The Spotify Dilemma
How do we see and treat the world’s most influential streaming service?

The problem, however, is that I don’t know what to write here instead. So rather than wasting your valuable time with some half-baked intro, I let four great female artists do the talking with their songs, ranging from driven indie-pop to stomping pacifism.

In the end, a Swiss male duo will accompany you into an endless sea.

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Christin Nichols – I’m Fine

German-British actor and musician Christin Nichols recently released her solo debut record, I’m Fine. After being part of the punk-rock duo Prada Meinhoff, Nichols explores the realms of pop and indie rock.

I’m Fine—the record’s namesake opener—is a shimmering hymn. Simultaneously, Nichols evokes euphoria with the track’s driven rock vibe and drowns in melancholy with her sombre voice.

The fascinating, ambivalent nature of I’m Fine peaks in its chorus, which has the ecstatic quality of a summer hit but is delivered in such a bittersweet, sarcastic way that it feels beautifully torn apart.