Stereo Fireplace

Edition #32 • Al Pride, Lizki, Levitation Orchestra, Visions In Clouds, Stiehler

Stereo Fireplace

A glance out of the window reveals a grey curtain. Colours are fading away in the fog. It's cold outside; it's getting dark, too dark to see. Leaves are falling to the ground, dancing their last dance.

My apartment doesn't have a fireplace. So the only thing crackling is the stereo. But out of the speakers glows warmth and colourful sparks of Autumn spring off the embers of music.

Relaxing grooves bring back memories of hot, sweaty summer nights. Thick bass drums provoke the longing to storm the dancefloor. And instrumental escapades carry the mind in other dimensions.

Best wishes,

Al Pride – Sweat Soaked

Late summer nights in sweat-soaked bedsheets. Swiss indie band Al Pride lay down on linens of loneliness. And it sounds so excellent, once more demonstrating their sheer musical talent.

There's tension between the slightly off, sunny sound and the deep insight into frontman Nico Schulthess' mental state. Sweat Soaked is a hymn to the thoughtful hearts, to melancholic souls, the sleepless wanderers.