Sounds of Dreams

Edition #17 ● GEISTHA, NOTI, Moyka, Alfie Templeman, Stiehler

Sounds of Dreams
GEISTHA. Photo: Promo

First, a warm welcome to all the new subscribers who joined our small community of music enthusiasts. I’m honoured to have you on board.

Secondly, aligned with the Weekly5 values, I’ve to apologize for an embarrassing mistake in last week’s edition. I spelt an artist’s name wrong all the time. Manu Delago, not Delgado, performs the song ReCycling. It’s no wonder I couldn’t find the track on Apple Music. However, I corrected the mistake in the newsletter’s web version and added the song to the Apple Music playlist.

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Let’s turn our focus to today’s selection. It’s an assortment of songs that sound like dreams. Sometimes the dreams are dark and sad, sometimes they are beautiful and happy. But never nightmares. Close your eyes and start listening.

GEISTHA – altar

Initially rooted in the techno space, GEISTHA turns with their new single altar to an intriguing mixture of hip-hop and electro-pop, wrapped in a sinister goth atmosphere.

“Gender identity is always a central yet sometimes subversive part of my work. As a non-binary person, I use heartsick songs not only as a coping mechanism but as a gloomy source of self-empowerment,” GEISTHA explains.

GEISTHA’s track is filled with melancholy. At times altar feels like a lead jacket, pulling you downwards into a state of deep sadness. Yet, despite the dark ambience, altar also sounds incredibly cool. The hip-hop vibe is creating a contemporary, cinematic feel. It’s the soundtrack to roam in the nocturnal city streets.