Sonic Smiles

Edition #44 featuring tracks by Don‘t Kill The Beast, Camel Power Club, Curses, Fritz Hutchison, and Lilabungalow.

Sonic Smiles

It will be a shorter read than usual. I'm writing today's edition in Manchester. The Foundation Coffee House buzzes while I'm sitting on the window, filtering mediocre music to find the sonic pearls.

My throat is still sore from all the singing and shouting at the White Lies concert at The Academy. A sold-out gig in a big and charmless hall. And yet, the venue's lack of character didn't matter since the British audience—jugging pitchers of beer and wine—went entirely off the rails as usual. The energy sparked between sweating bodies, and a choir of a thousand lungs delivered an otherwordly performance:

Keep on running
Keep, keep on running
There's no place like home
There's no place like home

It's a stark contrast to a live experience in Switzerland where the audience often remains frozen and distanced, afraid others might judge them for losing control. But music is an emotional, cathartic experience that requires letting your guard down.

That said, I won't distract you any further. Enjoy today's selection.


Don't Kill The Beast – Secret

Five years have passed since Switzerland's Don't Kill The Beast have released their debut record, Cupid Bite. Now, they're back with an astonishing new single. Secret is an overwhelming track, meandering between shoegaze and straightforward pop music. But the composition of Secret is so dense and tight that it washes over your mind like a big wave. Never has drowning felt more liberating.

Secret, by Don’t Kill The Beast
track by Don’t Kill The Beast

Curses – Miriam

On Friday, Berlin-based Curses dropped their latest album, Incarnadine. Their blend of post-punk, new wave, and goth rock is a guarantee for every underground gothic dancefloor. The record's opening track, Miriam, is a blueprint genre track. There's a prominent lineage to The Sisters of Mercy in this song. However, I recommend you listen to the entire record and discover the musical blend with EBM.