Shiny New Things

Weekly5 returns with some shiny new features and a fresh service.

Shiny New Things
Photo by engin akyurt / Unsplash

First, welcome back. It's a pleasure and an honour that you're still here. I enjoyed the time off, although there has always been an itch in the back of my head. And with great excitement, I can confirm that Weekly5 returns this Sunday with freshly curated songs.

But it's not all old stuff; there are a couple of shiny new things available now:

  • Search: Are you looking for a specific edition? Or do you wonder whether I've written about a particular song? No problem, there's finally a search functionality on
  • Commenting: Yes, Ghost, the tool I use to publish and send this newsletter, introduced its new commenting feature. Now, you can share your opinion on the editions, maybe tell everybody about your favourite track of the week and share why you love it.
    I honestly don't think it's necessary for this community, but there are a couple of pretty basic and apparent guidelines in the comment section.

And last but not least, a whole new service is available to you: StageDive.
StageDive is a new monthly newsletter that recommends five concerts in Switzerland. You can edit your email preferences here and soon receive my recommendations for September.

Now, why would I start another newsletter and do even more work?

Photo by Yannis Papanastasopoulos / Unsplash

Concerts are the last lucrative source of revenue for artists. Sadly, the pandemic hit organisers, venues, and live artists the hardest: First in, last out. And from what I hear, many are still struggling. Especially pre-sales of concert tickets haven't recovered to a pre-pandemic level.

The sludge band Mantar recently cancelled five concerts and rescheduled three more. In their statement, the band says:

This is not about guilt. But in the end, it's up to you. If you want the number to return to normal at some point, then it will only work if tickets are bought and people go to concerts. Unfortunately, it looks like pre-sales are about 30% to 50% (sometimes worse...) of what used to be normal.
Yes: Ouch.

I love music. I love concerts. I want them to survive. And the only thing I can do, besides buying tickets myself, is to promote shows I think are worth your time.

Yes, there are many offerings: calendars, websites, newsletters. But if you like the Weekly5 music recommendations, you'll also know that you might enjoy these promoted concerts. My goal is to tie both newsletters as closely together as possible. And full transparency: My goal is to reach at least 50 people with StageDive by the end of 2022.

So, I would greatly appreciate it if you try out this service and give me feedback. Of course, you can unsubscribe again anytime. No hard feelings.