Shapeshifter stays, rides, and drowns in Melancholia

Weekly5・Edition #12 | 🎵 Julien Bracht, Frederik, Ursina, Baker Boy, Moyka

Shapeshifter stays, rides, and drowns in Melancholia

A couple of days ago, a member of the Weekly5 community approached me and asked if there was a chance to get the playlist on Deezer. I’m very grateful for such input, as my goal is to serve you with the best possible experience.

However, I’m currently curating the playlists on Spotify and Apple Music by hand, which takes time. Tools that let you curate multiple platforms simultaneously are not free either.

Curating five new songs for you is a great pleasure. I love to discover new music and share it with like-minded people. That’s why I’m dedicating around 8 hours each week to create this newsletter.

Obviously, time isn’t something I’m thinking about when it comes to Weekly5. But financially, I pay more attention. With the current service, Weekly5 amounts to 262.80 Swiss Francs, 21.90 per month. This includes the Apple Music subscription (which I don’t use privately), hosting the website and the domain.

Adding additional costs is something I reflect extensively upon as I have to pay for it. New cost-driving services need at least to benefit a majority of the community.

I thought I share these facts and considerations with you as one of my values is transparent communication.

Now, let’s move on to today’s selection.

Julien Bracht released the first single from his upcoming album. Photo: @mxj_000

I’ve selected a somewhat odd bunch. There’s pumping but melancholic techno. There’s a cold synth sound. There’s hypnotic wave pop. There’s exciting hip-hop with a didgeridoo. And there are intimate, folky tunes.

At least, you’ll probably find something that might strike a chord.

Julien Bracht – Melancholia

Melancholia begins with buzzing synthesizers as a thick beat starts to emerge out of the darkness. Suddenly, the song breaks free of the noise, and a melody presents itself.

Melancholia is the first single of Julien Bracht’s upcoming album. Bracht has been active as a producer in Germany’s techno scene for quite some time. Although he was busy as the other half of Lea Porcelain, he now returns to his origins.

Nevertheless, the song is more than pure techno. Melancholia is a captivating blend of electronic genres. Densely arranged, the single pours an impenetrable layer of sounds in one’s ears. Melancholia is beautiful but dangerous, as the risk of losing yourself in this ocean is highly probable.