Songs against War

In this edition of reLISTEN, I recommend four relatively unknown songs against war and one of the all-time classics.

Songs against War

On Thursday morning, the world woke up in shock as we learned that Russia had started to invade Ukraine. It's still hard to process that there's again open war in Europe.

But it's even more challenging; no, it's impossible to comprehend what the people go through right now. The fear, the despair, the pain, the bleakness, the violence.

The news left me stunned, angry, helpless, and worried about local people I know.

In these incredible times, I again turn to songs that channel my emotions into a cathartic experience. To the lyrics that express my anger, frustration, and hope.

In this edition of reLISTEN, I recommend four relatively unknown songs against war, and one of the all-time classics, hoping that they might do something for you too.

And since the songs best speak for themselves, I don't write the usual review but mostly quote the impactful lines in the lyrics.


The Beauty of Gemina – King's Men Come

The Beauty of Gemina's King's Men Come is a dark and desperate hymn, a bleak march in the beginning that merges into a heartbreaking plea.

And all the men die
All these king’s men come
And all the men die
All this king’s men come

When you’re blind to see they’re tired
To die in battle
Then you want me to forget
King’s Men Come, by The Beauty of Gemina
from the album At The End Of The Sea

Grzegorz – War Is For Everyone

War Is For Everyone is Grzegorz's grim take, full of snappy irony.

War is for everyone
Let the sirens sing - join the latest thing
Let's start the fun

War is for everyone
Let the children sing - hear the sirens ring
Let's have some fun
War Is For Everyone, by Grzegorz
from the album 33

VNV Nation – Tomorrow Never Comes

VNV Nation have the unique ability to create electronic music that haunts you as much with its lyrics as its sound.

What will become of us if there's no one to watch over us
If we should face the certainty of our destruction
Forfeiting everything, pointless cries, futile dreams
There'll be no laughter, there'll be no tears
When tomorrow never comes

Heaven Shall Burn – Combat

Heaven Shall Burn's brutal track about child soldiers.

No more will you meet a smiling face
Now peace has left your sleep forever
There are no arms to hold you
Yet there are no hands to wipe your tears

Marvin Gaye – What's Going On

The classic anthem spreads love and compassion to conquer hate.

Father, father
We don't need to escalate
You see, war is not the answer
For only love can conquer hate
You know we've got to find a way
To bring some lovin' here today

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