Raw Energy

Edition #30 • Bell Baronets, Kaelan Mikla x Alcest, Tommy Lobo, Borka Balogh, AVAWAVES

Raw Energy
Kælan Mikla collaborated with Alcest. Photo: Promo

Last week, while in Italy, my friends and I asked ourselves: What happened to Stromae?

The answer came sooner than expected. On Friday, the celebrated French artist finally released a new song. Santé is as quirky as you can imagine. And I've to admit: The more I listen to the track, the better it gets.

However, Stromae isn't officially part of Weekly5 because he doesn't need this humble platform. I instead feature hidden gems, newcomers, and obscure discoveries.

That said, today's selection brings you an ass-kicking load of fuzz rock, archaic synth sounds, weird rap tunes, dreamy melodies, and breathtaking ambient. Let's dive in!

Best wishes,

Bell Baronets – Fainthearted

Already nine years have passed since I first saw Bell Baronets perform live. I've been in the same squad as guitarist and singer Silvan Gerhard in the military service. They played at the visitor's day.

The band has been more and less active over the past years. But rest assured: When they pop up, they shred through the sea of mediocre indie music. Bell Baronets play heavy fuzz rock.

Fainthearted is their 2021 comeback, after they released the record Tied Up In Red in 2019. The single starts reduced, a distorted guitar breaks the silence; Gerhard's raspy voice pushes out the lyrics with passion. But when the drums and the bass guitar kick in, Fainthearted builds up the pressure. It's not a fast track but violent nonetheless—sparks of raw energy light the fire.