Pop music, reimagined

Edition #23 • Imany, Charity Children, Deafheaven, Jessiquoi, CATT

Pop music, reimagined
Imany is reimagening the greatest pop songs. Photo: Promotion

I was surprised. It only took a few notes, and I was back in tune with the feeling. It was like nothing ever happened in the past one and a half years.

Admittingly, I felt slight anxiety attending the first concert, the first festival, without any pandemic-related measures. (Well, you had to be either vaccinated, tested, or recovered.)

But, yes, this regained freedom can be overwhelming, especially after months of seclusion.

Molchat Doma live on stage at the Musikfestwochen, Winterthur.

I never enjoyed the packed crowds very much. However, I found myself in the very first rows amid the moshpits. Jumping, suffering, laughing, dancing, and shouting. Music, not exclusively but especially when performed live on stage, is a cathartic, collective experience.

And even the obscure, heavy sounds of Molchat Doma, Thymian, and Brutus sparked happiness deep within me.

But now, enough of my drooling. It's time for your weekly dose of new sounds. I've found some gems; vocal diamonds and instrumental gold. Let's dive into today's tracks.

Imany – Like A Prayer

The French singer Imany is most known for Don't Be So Shy, remixed by Filatov & Karas. The track became the summer hit back in 2015. However, the soul artist range is way broader than catchy but simple pop tunes.

Voodoo Cello, Imany's upcoming album, features history's greatest pop songs (from Ed Sheeran to Elton John) – reimagined with eight cellos.

Imany's interpretation of Madonna's controversial 1989 hit Like A Prayer demonstrates the complexity of these songs. It's not easy listening as the original. Imany demands full attention. The cellos only provide a minimal layer of sound while her deep, smokey voice's humming sonorously through the lyrics like a preacher. It's actually like a prayer.