Pan-European journey

Weekly5・Edition #11 | 🎵 LIN, Delilah Bon, Novo Amor, Potochkine, Andrea Bignasca | 🕒 720 words, a three-minute read.

Pan-European journey
LIN. Photo: Sandra Ludewig

It’s been a hell of a week. Video calls back to back, conflicts, uncertainty, and sleepless nights. On such demanding days, I don’t have any time to listen to music, making it even less bearable.

To me, music is a source of energy, an escape to relax, and a temple of reflection. If that’s missing, I start to spiral. In today’s B-Side, I’ll reveal some songs that fall into these three categories.

However, the five curated songs today feature a broad variety of genres: German electro-pop, English brat-punk, Welsh dream-folk, French EBM, and Swiss rock.

Let’s start this pan-European journey.

LIN – Doubts

Back in 2015, when I started with playlist curation, I stumbled over Bender & Schillinger’s achingly beautiful song Rendevouz. Six years later, half of the now-disbanded duo crosses my paths once again: LIN released the debut single Doubts.

Besides LIN’s captivating voice, Rendevouz and Doubts haven’t much in common. LIN displays a crisp electro-pop. The singing meanders and floats over the evermore exploding beat. Starting doubtful, the single winds itself to exciting highs. Discussing her own fears, LIN embraces anger, sadness, and also joy.