Misery, optimism and activism

Edition #13 | Markian, Lea Porcelain, Pink Turns Blue, Husten, Odd Beholder

Misery, optimism and activism
Markian released his debut single. Photo: Arlota Berwert

After last week's special edition, we return today to the same procedure as every week (Yes, the same procedure as every Sunday, James).

That's not a bad thing as I could pick from two weeks worth of material. It was hard to pick and choose from many great songs released in the past couple of days. But I think I've managed to compile five new songs that show a wide variety of styles from both well-established artists and fresh talents you should keep an eye out for.

Today's Weekly5 features atmospheric tunes from Markian and Husten. Lea Porcelain and Pink Turns Blue deliver songs between melancholy and optimism, while Odd Beholder appeals to our consciousness.

And as always, you can find the new tracks in the playlists:

Markian – Misery

There's something archaic about Misery, the debut single of Lucerne-based artist Markian Dlaboha. It's a droning sound echoing in a pitch-black cave, created only with his voice and a looper. It's a journey to our deepest worries and the human error of repeating mistakes. "Would you mind telling me what is wrong with me? I never learn from history," Markian sings.

In 2019, Markian won second place in the band contest Sprungfeder and could produce Misery together with Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling, ex-Eluveitie) in Lucerne's Soundfarm Studios.

Out of the gate, Misery is neither light nor catchy. However, with a charismatic voice, Markian creates an incredible experience bordering on a hypnotic, religious ritual. I'm converted. Let's all attend Markian's service.