Killed Darlings

A Weekly5 special edition with five great songs that didn't make it into the recommendations.

Killed Darlings
Kaktus Einarsson’s 45rpm is excellent but didn’t make it. Photo: Promo

The process of curation produces winners and losers. That is one uncomfortable truth. The other is that sometimes those who don't really deserve it end up on the losing side. And sometimes, I hope rarely, losers come out on the winning side. But, of course, this is a subjective perception.

Over the past few months, I have chosen 85 songs for the Weekly5 playlist. Sometimes this task was easy, sometimes hard. And it's always painful to leave out a great track. Maybe because the competition was just too intense, perhaps because it would have harmed the selection balance.

"Kill your darlings" - that's the motto in writing. The beauty of curating is that the chips that fall while grinding an issue stay in my workshop. And at the same time, it's unfair because no one gets to see them. Or rather, to hear them.

I would like to change this today. That's why today's special edition features five pieces that stayed in my mind but didn't officially make it into the selection.

Silver Firs – Now We Start To See The Beauty

The Swiss duo Silver Firs finally released a new song a few weeks ago after a long period of silence. The title Now We Start To See The Beauty is almost poetic in light of today's output.