Killed Darlings: Part II

Another special edition with five songs that didn't make the cut.

Killed Darlings: Part II

I have curated 35 editions this year, so the playlist counts 175 songs. It’s a stunning curation by outstanding artists from all over the world. And I have little to do with it besides curating the hell out of every week’s new releases.

Back in May, I produced a first Weekly5 special called 'Killed Darlings'. And I wrote what still remains true:

The process of curation produces winners and losers. That is one uncomfortable truth. The other is that sometimes those who don’t really deserve it end up on the losing side. And sometimes, I hope rarely, losers come out on the winning side. But, of course, this is a subjective perception.

Today, I again look back and present five songs to you that didn’t make the cut but still deserve your time.

All the best,

Lea Porcelain – Shoot The Moon

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After their astounding debut in 2017, Choirs to Heaven, Lea Porcelain’s sophomore record stands as proof of the duo’s versatility and development. More so, the album features Pool Song, their 2020 single and, in my opinion, one of the best tracks released in recent years.

However, the record’s least regarded song, Shoot The Moon, definitely deserves more attention. It’s a breathless and driven hymn, a constant energy flow, and yet Shoot The Moon never feels violent. A song that is full of longing, euphoria, and doubt.