Jazz Futurism

Edition #42 with songs by Binker and Moses, Vitalic, Ikarus, HVOB, and Dolphin Love.

Jazz Futurism
Dolphin Love

It was obvious that this week will be a challenge to curate as many songs, albums and EPs were bound to be released. But I couldn't imagine that I could actually fill up the Weekly5 three times over without cutting corners.

However, I reminded myself of the Weekly5 values—especially diversity—to select five tracks. So artists that were previously featured had to fall short this time.

Nevertheless, I can highly recommend The Angel, the latest single by London's upcoming songwriter Louis Dunford. And you should definitely check out The Dream of Reason, the brilliant debut by ZUSTRA, and Fishbach's long-awaited sophomore record Avec les yeux.

Moving to today's recommendations: It's a constant contrast, a back and forth between avant-garde, jazz, ambient and deep, futuristic beats. Flowing lines and hammering bass, ornate capers and ecstatic hooks.


Binker and Moses – Accelerometer Overdose

Binker and Moses are rising stars in London's vibrant jazz scene, turning heads and captivating ears with their colourful free jazz filled with culturally diverse influences. Feeding The Machine is the third record by Binker Golding and Moses Boyd, who got support from Max Luthert to create the stunning soundscapes.