I'm a Believer, Baby!

Edition #2 brings you new songs by Dead Milly, Son Mieux, TV Priest, Black Honey, and the infallible Linn Koch-Emmery.

I'm a Believer, Baby!
Black Honey released an EP – two years after their exciting debut album. Photo: Promo

Good morning,

First, a warm welcome to all the new subscribers. I’m excited that you joined this little community. 👋

Now, many have asked me which values Weekly5 incorporates. Okay, that’s not true. Nobody did and probably never will. But I think it’s important that you know. (And if you’re not into this meta stuff, please scroll down a bit to today’s selection.)

The Weekly5 Values

There are five core values that I defined for Weekly5. These values not only guide the curation process but also how I communicate with you.

Curiosity Weekly5 is driven by the urge to discover new music and encourages everyone to be open-minded.

Quality Weekly5 is striving for a unique and intimate experience of discovery through a high standard in quality.

Diversity Weekly5 pays attention to diversity in gender, origin, and musical genres alike.

Independence Weekly5 is independent of outside influence. Reviews cannot be bought. Opinions are honest and truthful.

Integrity Weekly5 upholds its values and communicates issues transparently.

I’m open about these values because they’re nothing to be ashamed of. The values also are helpful to you: They can guide your answer whether you want to be a part of this community or not. And you can use them to hold me accountable.

I promise to uphold these five values the best I can.

And here’s today’s selection that you can also find in the Spotify playlist.

Linn Koch-Emmery – Linn RIP

I first came across Linn Koch-Emmery back in 2018 with the wild single Don’t Sleep on My Luv. The Swedish artist’s new track, Linn RIP, is less noisy but mellow and obviously depressed. No wonder, as Koch-Emmery tells about self-doubt.

Nevertheless, Linn RIP still sparkles: Soothing melodies are the musician’s talent. And she doesn’t make an exception in her latest single. Linn RIP is a hauntingly beautiful indie-pop tune.

Black Honey – Believer

Two years after their astonishing, self-titled debut album, Brighton’s Black Honey are back with an EP. The title track, Believer, pivots from the band’s well-established and dusty surf rock to a more grande rock opera, especially when the brass section kicks in.

That’s not a bad thing, as the essential vintage vibe remains at the sound’s core. I’m a believer, baby!