How many female artists were featured in 2021?

Here's the answer.

How many female artists were featured in 2021?
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Good morning,

I hope you had a great start to 2022. I’m excited about the upcoming months and looking forward to hearing what artists all around the globe have in store for us.

But before Weekly5 returns to its usual curation, I want to share some statistics with you quickly. And I also wish to (partly) answer the question: Did I uphold the values I set for myself last year?

Top 5 newsletters

I sent out 51 newsletters in 2021. Quite impressive, I might say because I granted myself a rather long summer break. Of course, not all were regular episodes but also special editions. Here are the five newsletters that were most opened:

  1. 5 Songs before the summer break (385)
  2. Misery, optimism and activism (378)
  3. 2021 Repeat: The Essentials (358)
  4. 2021 Repeat: Beats/Pop & 2021 Repeat: Dark/Melancholic (both 348)
  5. 5 Songs that inspired Michael Sele (345)

What about the values?

I set five core values that define everything I do around Weekly5. They guide the curation process of new songs and my interactions with the community.

  • Curiosity
  • Quality
  • Diversity
  • Independence
  • Integrity

Some of these values, like quality or integrity, are hard for me to evaluate. Did Weekly5 deliver quality content to you? What did you particularly like? What could be improved? If you want to share your feedback with me, drop me an email or write a comment.

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However, in terms of curiosity, I think I did a decent job in encouraging you to listen, maybe beyond your usual genres. And there are a few quite extravagant entries to the playlist like ReCycling by Manu Delago, Eyote by Nebno, or Prix Garanti’s Hardlife Bern.

Furthermore, diversity is a crucial part of Weekly5. Of course, the newsletter should serve you with different musical styles. But diversity obviously means that female or non-binary artists also are represented in the playlist.

Out of 160 different performers in the Weekly5 playlist, 74 are either female artists or bands with at least one female member. And two artists define themselves as non-binary people. So it’s not quite 50:50, but I think the balance is better than the line-up of most festivals.

Although diversity also means that artists have their origins worldwide, I cannot help but be a bit patriotic: 40 out of 160 artists are either Swiss or based in Switzerland.

Now, before we move on into another year of music curation, there are two essential things for you to know.

First, the playlists on Spotify and Apple Music are now empty again—rebranded as ‘Weekly5 • 2022’.
In these playlists, you’ll find the recommended songs in the future. So you don’t have to follow a new playlist to get the Weekly5 in the upcoming months.

Second, you can find all the tracks curated in 2021 in two new playlists. Click here to follow:

Alright, that’s about it for this little update. Again, I wish you a great Sunday, and we’ll hear each other soon with the first episode in 2022.