Half Time

After 20 editions, it‘s time to reflect on the past months.

Half Time
Photo by Marcel Strauß / Unsplash

Usually, I spend my Friday nights listening to newly released tracks. However, the summer break is here, and I wandered hungry through London's urban canyons while my headphones rambled the same hotline music for about two hours. It turned out the bank had an IT problem and couldn't process payments.

But while waiting with hundreds of others whose credit cards also stopped working, I reflected on the past six months of Weekly5.

2022 started on a high note; I introduced the Weekly5 membership. So far, eleven people have decided that this platform is worth supporting not only with their time but also with a bit of money. I'm incredibly grateful for that. You guys rock!

The member-exclusive format of reLISTEN also kicked off in January, a regular curation of five older tracks. I've written six editions so far, with five discoveries I've made in Berlin being the latest post.

But of course, the regular Weekly5 editions are the backbone. Since January, you've received 20 of them, featuring 100 tracks I deemed worthy of your attention. How I create these curations I've described in this behind-the-scenes article.

How I Create A Weekly5 Edition
How does a regular Weekly5 come to live? In this behind the scenes explainer, I give you a glimpse into my curation process.

Looking back on these 100 selected songs, I'm pretty satisfied with my choices. But, naturally, some tracks stuck a bit more than others with me.

For example, I cannot get enough of the vastness and longing in Sharon Van Etten's Porta. I embrace the warmth in Nola Kin's Not What You Think and the upbeat groove in Little Element's Tomorrow.

Likewise, I enjoy the melancholic and sombre nature of The Haunted Youth's Broken and Friedhof Sihlfeld by Stefanie Stauffacher. Or the straight drive in Damaged Goods by the Moonpools. And I never get sick of Sofia Portanet's stunning voice in Mi Amor.

To my surprise, the weird jazzy Turner by Schmack also keeps fascinating me, as does the autotune grunge in Lösche by Bahnhofbuffet Chancental.

Honestly, it's impossible to pick a favourite track. I only know that Sensu's remix Noti's hooked also would be a high contender. And with pleasure, I announce that Sensu will soon present five tracks that inspired her work in a free special edition.

Now, on a more personal level, this first half of 2022 was a rocky ride. At times, I was only holding on with one finger, at the brink of falling into a burnout. Although it wasn't my intention, this state of mind influenced my motivation for Weekly5 and its quality.

But most of all, I started to set similar standards for Weekly5 as I did at work: growth, impact, and more. I wasn't happy with the development and the number of subscribers. However, this was never intended as an entrepreneurial effort, and Weekly5 shouldn't be held to economic standards. It's my passion project, something I shall enjoy and love.

Anyway, I decided to leave my current employer by the end of July and start a new challenge in a less political and toxic environment. And I hope this change in my life prevents the stress from affecting my passion for Weekly5.

And I can only urge you to take a step back and reflect on what you're passionate about. Maybe you'll find that you also setting weirdly high standards where there shouldn't be any.

Okay, now we've come quite far from music. Circling back to Weekly5, the summer break will last until the end of August. But here and there, I'll publish some editions of reLISTEN, maybe even a special edition, depending on the time available.

I hope you'll stick around until the Weekly5 return. And I wholeheartedly wish you an incredible, unforgettable summer. You all deserve it.