Fragile beauty and haunted rebels

Edition #3 • The Haunted Youth, Anna Leone, Sleaford Mods, Naked in English Class, Årabrot

Fragile beauty and haunted rebels
Swedish artist Anna Leone has a captivating voice. Photo: Promo

Good morning,

As always, a very warm welcome to the new subscribers. Thank you for being here. 👋

The last issue was long, but I promise that we will get straight to the point in today’s issue. Although, I’d like to give you a heads-up: We’re quite edgy – sometimes.

Alright, here are my recommendations for this week.

The Haunted Youth – Teen Rebel

May I introduce: The Haunted Youth are a brand new dream pop and a quite post-punky outfit from Hasselt, Belgium. Teen Rebel seems to be their first major single release, at least if you can trust their Spotify profile.

Although indie icons like Tame Impala clearly inspire them, this track is also reminiscent of an 80s vibe. The Haunted Youth’s Teen Rebel isn’t loud but melancholic and, yes, haunted.

Anna Leone – Once

My first contact with Anna Leone’s fragile yet powerful sound was If You Only. Until today, this track gives me goosebumps. Her latest release, Once, is even more bare-bone structured.

Her captivating voice glides over a glimmering guitar. And after a while, a layer of strings and piano deepens the foundation of this song.