With edition #56, Weekly5 returns and brings you exciting tracks by ÄTNA, Julien Bracht, Moonpools, Lizki and Sophia Blenda.

Ätna. Photo: Philip Zeller

The summer break is over, and I'm eager to bring five new tracks every Sunday. I'm glad you're still here and willing to listen to my recommendations. Your loyalty is priceless and my biggest motivation.

Today's edition spans from ecstatic electronica to melancholic indie rock, from ravishing rave to sombre sway. Feel the flow across the ocean. Is it just a dream? No, it's the new serenity.

Without further ado, let's dive into the selection.


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ÄTNA – Flow (orbit Remix)

The brass section rises to infinite greatness while the beat slowly moves like a dreamy tortoise. Inéz Schaefer's voice wanders around, simultaneously curious and amazed.

Orbit's remix of Dresden-based electronica duo ÄTNA's Flow is an otherworldly experience. The track was initially released as part of their 2022 record Push Life, ÄTNA's sophomore album. In its original version, Flow is a reduced song that breathes early 90s hip-hop vibes with sustained synth notes. However, in the hands of producer orbit, Flow shapeshifts into an overwhelming and epic downtempo cathedral.

The remix starts unsuspecting, almost charming. Schaefer's delicate performance perfectly adds to the rhythm. But as soon as the bass, and the brass section soon thereafter, kicks in, Flow becomes a massive bulwark. It overcomes you like a gigantic wave; you start to feel small and insignificant, faced with the sonic walls that orbit builds seemingly out of thin air. What an exciting sight!

Julien Bracht – Across the Ocean

The dark beat hammers relentlessly, and the synthesizers purr like a wild cat. And as the sky opens up, a sonic vastness expands beyond the horizon into space and time.

Across the Ocean isn't the first entry by Julien Bracht at Weekly5, nor is it his latest single release. In 2021, I featured the German producer with tracks like Dancer In The Dark or the incredible Streets. After releasing his record Now Forever One, he's about to drop the EP Rave Flower in September. The latest single, Don't Chase Your Enemies, might already indicate where the journey is headed: A dark yet thrilling path to techno's glorious days in the nineties.

However, since its appearance back in July, Across the Ocean has been floating around in my heavy rotation. There's an inexplicable atmosphere to the track. It feels like a warm yet distant memory of a happy moment. The sonic fields Bracht produces stretch out far, juxtaposing the jumpy playfulness of the melodic synth notes. Across the Ocean is a song that lets you drown in sound.

Moonpools – Feel

The stinging sensation of longing drips from every instrument. A sweet agony lives within the lyrics. How can doubts and pain sound so hauntingly beautiful?