February Recap

Check out some of the best songs released in February by Jon Hood, Markus Nikolaus, Sensu, Amber Arcades, and Rosa Rendl.

February Recap
Amber Arcades.

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Jon Hood – Ocean

It's a fascinating comeback: After 2017's album Body Semantics, the Swiss krautrock band Jon Hood finally returns with the exception Ocean. Especially the warm performance of singer Joan Seiler stands out, accompanied by a slowly developing composition. Ocean's beauty lies within the subtle nuances.

Markus Nikolaus – Never Let You Go

After the psychedelic Bicycle Day was featured last year, Markus Nikolaus gets another mention with his new single, Never Let You Go. Nikolaus gifts us a beautifully honest and kitsch-free hymn to love, simply accompanied by an acoustic guitar that almost conceals the intricate composition underneath.

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Sensu – Fuse

After last year's fantastic EP Numéro LDN, Swiss electronic producer Sensu returns with the fiercely raving track Fuse. Dialling back the UK garage vibe, her latest song is a constant rush of fast-paced beats, foggy synthesisers, and an alarming melody. Sensu again marks her spot amongst Switzerland's most exciting dance music artists.

Amber Arcades – I'm Not There

Dutch artist Amber Arcades provides an antidote to heartbreak with her new album, Barefoot on Diamond Road. It's a collection of songs between singer-songwriter art and dark, dreamy pop music. I'm Not There is the perfect ambassador for the record with Arcades' longing performance and violently fuzzing guitars. Nostalgia meets brutality.

Rosa Rendl – Always

Austrian artist Rosa Rendl has been active in the electro-pop duo Lonely Boys for a decade but now expands in her solo career. Always is an extravagant and contemporary art-pop sound with a reduced composition that washes over you like waves at the beach. Rendl's warm, intimate voice juxtaposes the frigid ambience.

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