A Weekly5 special edition.

Photo by Hasan Almasi / Unsplash
Azrael, guiding me beyond the veil
Obitual, free me from this mortal shell
Enter into the darkest night, I will sink where I lie
Through the sands of time, through the angel's eye

Music is like an old carpet. In the middle, the fabric is still pristine, displaying clear motives in the weave. That‘s where mainstream pop music resides. Sometimes, Weekly5 advances in these clean areas, but the songs stay in the more worn-down parts most of the time.

However, I know most of you, dear subscribers. Some of you were avid readers of Negative White or people I had the fortune to meet in the music business. Some of you are close friends. And I kind of know what genres you like.

But if music really is like an old carpet, there are the edges. The fraying abyss where the rug is anything but commonly accepted as beautiful. It‘s a dangerous place; the destruction is real. There are some examples in past episodes like Harness by Boundaries or Harakiri for the Sky‘s cover version of Song To Say Goodbye. But Weekly5 rarely wanders off to those cataclysmic realms.

Today‘s an exception. Today, I embrace the extremes with five songs released in 2021 that have to power to rip the planet apart. In this episode, you will discover the outer rims on both ends of the spectrum: brutal assaults with guitars as chainsaws and skull-crushing beats.

Enjoy (maybe).

Lorna Shore – To the Hellfire

It’s the soundtrack of the apocalypse. To The Hellfire by the US deathcore band Lorna Shore is a martial assault unlike anything I’ve ever heard. The brutality, the fierceness, it’s overwhelming. A six-minute-long barrage, mowing down every living thing in its way. Lorna Shore have created a hellish spawn that pulls you down into the darkness like a ton of concrete chained to your soul.

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