Edition #61 brings you the freshly released songs by Audio Dope, Ginger And The Alchemists, Tikom, Enola Reverof, and Omni Selassi.

Photo by USGS / Unsplash

Audio Dope – Quartz

Innocent, almost childlike chimes in contrast with crisp beats and rich bass—a combination that searches for the origin between time and space.

Audio Dope, the producer from Basel, was part of Weekly5 a long time ago. His speciality: filigree compositions, put together with attention to detail and a passion for daydreams. His output is astonishing: Audio Dope released the album Instant Noodle Soup in May, followed in June by Echo Pool II with Kappa Mountain, his collaboration with Matthias Gusset. Since then, three more tracks have come out of his sonic workshop, Quartz being the latest.

Quartz is a storybook example of Audio Dope's skill. He pours thick bass into the foundation, constructs sophisticated struts of intricate beats, and decorates his sound cathedral with playful ornaments. And although Quartz remains an electronic structure, there is something primal and completely human about the song.

Omni Selassi – D1111NGER

It's an infernal dance, a shattering collision of contrasts, a vortex inevitably dragging you in all directions at once.

Brought together by singer Rea Dubach in 2019, Omni Selassi is a construct that, on paper, shouldn't work: A singer battles against two drummers, Mirko Schwab and Lukas Rutzen. And yet, against all odds, the Swiss trio not only beats the odds but thrives in light of the impossible. Even the name of their debut album, Dance or Die, conjures the ultimate challenge as if nothing with smaller stakes is worth the fight.