Sonic Eurotrip

Edition #58 features new tracks by Suz, benzii, Berglind, Tristesse Contemporaine, and Don't Kill The Beast.

Sonic Eurotrip
Berglind. Photo: Paul Vincenth Schütz

Suz – Winds Of Summer Fields

There's a lucid rumbling, a beat roaming through the nocturnal city street canyons. The voice harrowingly echoing for companionship—lost amidst the lonely urban jungle.

Suz, born as Susanna La Polla De Giovanni, is an Italian singer and composer from Bologna. Despite having already released three albums, the new EP Hiatus marks a new chapter for the artist as it's the first record entirely written and produced by herself. Moreover, Suz steers from a pure trip-hop sound to a wider variety of electronic music.