Edition #35 • Fishbach, Haubi Songs, R o n i a, Sofia Portanet, Violence


Infections are rising, and snow is falling. Mulled wine drips down the throat and the fingers. Winter’s here with golden lights in the dark.

The year is dying, and soon it’s time to wrap up Weekly5. This 35th one will be the last official edition in 2021.

But don’t worry, in the upcoming weeks, I’ll throw in more “Killed Darlings” and will present my personal favourites of the past months.

Enjoy the last five!

Fishbach – Téléportation

What’s the best debut album in recent years? My answer is A Ta Merci by French artist Fishbach. Even now, five long years after the release, the record lost nothing of its glamour, its eclectic energy, its undying atmosphere. It was and still is an instant classic with hymns like Y crois-tu and driven pop epics like Un autre que moi or Mortel.

Now, Fishbach finally returns to the spotlight, and I ask myself: How could we live for such a long time without her?

Fishbach’s single Téléportation winds like a snake; slow yet visceral. The guitar swerves in a looming 80s vibe. No, this song isn’t like the frenetic tunes on A Ta Merci, yet one thing hasn’t changed: the main attraction still is Flora Fishbachs voice. It’s the voice of a goddess—mysterious, whispering, pleading, preaching, and determining.