Edition #36 • Mattiu, White Lies, ZUSTRA, NOTI x Sensu, East Sister

Swiss Mattiu released a beautiful debut single.
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If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve probably missed the announcement.

A couple of days, I stumbled across this exceptional song by French pop-rock outfit Poni Hoax. The Music Never Dies deals with the dualistic nature of being a musician. “Play your cello, little girl/ You give your body to the world,” sings Nicolas Ker, the band’s singer who passed away last year.

However, the song’s chorus is a passionate love letter to music—despite all the business hassle.

I know the music never dies
It breaks against the wall of sound
Its pieces rain down upon our faces
They slice up like a knife
Through our minds and through our thighs

The song, especially its chorus, embodies my deep desire for great music. I’m hungry and excited about what 2022 holds in store for us. And now, finally, we can delve into five new songs. It’s going to be quite cinematic.

Enjoy this year’s first official edition,

Mattiu – Forza

The clouds disappear with each epochal swelling of the string orchestra. It’s almost cinematic, how Forza starts and almost tragic how the grand opening collapses to reveal a singer-songwriter tune. But then, this contrast is an allegory of the Alps—big, majestic, but also quiet and beautiful.

Mattiu Defuns, a 22-year-old singer, presents himself with his first single, Forza. It’s an atmospheric, visually stunning song that embraces pathos and—yes—kitsch with self-confidence. Forza drips of longing and a feeling of home but still sounds somehow exotic with its lyrics in Rumansh, Switzerland’s fourth official language.