Edition #59 recommends new tracks by Catherine Graindorge & Iggy Pop, Markus Nikolaus, Sam Himself, Florian Horwath, and Lola Marsh.

Catherine Graindorge & Iggy Pop created a stunning EP. Photo: Promotional

Markus Nikolaus – Bicycle Day

A catchy groove, nonchalant guitar escapades, a distorted voice—it all adds to the lovely weirdness and slightly psychedelic atmosphere.

Markus Nikolaus: Some might remember his name in the context of the German duo Lea Porcelain, where he partners up with Julien Bracht. After his colleague released the album Now Forever One last year and doubled down with the EP Rave Flower on Friday, Nikolaus also started publishing solo material. But while Bracht roams in techno, his home turf, Nikolaus wanders on his singer-songwriter paths.