Edition #37 • Pablo Nouvelle, Joy Wellboy, Zeal & Ardor, ANGER MGMT., Hanreti

A sunny banger—the new single by Pablo Nouvelle.

It’s been a difficult week: After an overdose of amazing releases last week, intense digging was necessary until I had assembled a selection of songs that I could present in good conscience.

Weirdly, I somehow feel better about today’s curation. Maybe because I didn’t have to kill darlings, maybe because it took more effort than usual.

The result of this week’s harvest is a colourful bouquet. It’s one of these episodes I could refer people to when they ask me what kind of music I listen to. There’s ecstatic electronic music, driven indie sound, hammering metal, raw rock, and fantastic composition.

Today’s songs all burst in their own regards.


Pablo Nouvelle – La Sensación Es Real

It’s not a secret that Swiss producer Pablo Nouvelle is capable of creating veritable banger songs—even when he just remixes an existing track like Audio Dope’s Absence of Gravity. So obviously, it’s no surprise that his latest release, La Sensación Es Real, is an exciting beast.

In his songs, Pablo Nouvelle features this odd mix of glimmer and addictive catchiness of pop, the ecstatic nature of electronic dance music, and yet, it never feels cheap or plastic. La Sensación Es Real is a sensational burst, a sunny explosion, synchronising hearts with its deep bass, pushing drops of sweat out of the skin with its joyful synthesizers.