About Weekly5

About Weekly5
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What is Weekly5?

Weekly5 is a newsletter that features five new songs and delivers them directly to your inbox every Sunday morning.

Musically, it ranges from independent rock and pop sounds and electronic tunes to occasional heavier stuff.

Is Weekly5 for me?

That depends. If you are someone who loves to discover new music, no matter the style or genre, you might find Weekly5 a nice addition to your media diet.

You can also read previous editions or check out the playlists on Spotify and Apple Music to decide before you subscribe.

And if you value personal and human recommendation as much (or even more) than what an algorithm predicts, you will be happy with your subscription.

However, if you are looking for new tracks in a specific genre, Weekly5 isn't the right fit for you.

Who is behind Weekly5?

That would be me. Hi, my name is Janosch, your curator. I'm a trained journalist who worked for local and national media in Switzerland. I used to run the online magazine Negative White which covered music and culture for a decade.

Today, I'm responsible for innovation and development as a Product Manager for one of the largest Swiss publishers.

Weekly5 is my passion project because I love discovering and sharing great music.

How does Weekly5 make money?

Weekly5 doesn't really make any money—it's a passion project. However, you can subscribe with a membership that either costs $5/month or $55/year.

These contributions help to pay for the infrastructure like this website and a couple of tools needed to make everything nice and shiny. Also, the member's support keeps Weekly5 independent and ad-free.

Members get access to occasional special editions and regular formats like "reLISTEN", where I recommend five songs from the past still worth listening to today.

What are the values of Weekly5?

Five core values define everything I do around Weekly5. They guide the curation process of new songs and my interactions with the community.

👀 Curiosity
I'm driven by the urge to discover new music and encourage everyone to be open-minded.

💎 Quality
I'm striving for a unique and intimate experience of discovery through a high standard of quality.

I pay attention to diversity in gender, origin, and musical genres alike.

I'm independent of outside influence. Reviews cannot be bought. Opinions are honest and truthful.

❤️ Integrity
I uphold the values and communicate issues transparently.

Why does Weekly5 exist?

From 2010 to 2020, I ran Negative White, an online magazine about music and culture. Unfortunately, I stopped the project because I couldn't invest as much time as needed. However, music remains an essential anchor in my life. It's my passion to discover great music and share it with others.

The origins of Weekly5 date back to 2015, when the selection was called Songs of the Week. In 2019, the format was rebranded as Weekly5.

Since the online magazine folded, I missed discovering new music. Finally, I realized that I had to dedicate time. But I thought, if I already take the time, I might as well share my discoveries with other people. So I brought Weekly5 back in January 2021.