A Feeling of Timelessness

Edition #18 • Sylvie Kreusch, Mdou Moctar, Catalyst, R Plus, Julien Bracht

A Feeling of Timelessness
Sylvie Kreusch dropped All of Me. Photo: Boe Marion

Let’s jump right into today’s selection. I always feel ashamed to say that it’s a fantastic edition. That’s quite silly since it’s the artists that keep delivering distilled greatness.

On the other hand, I don’t know if you agree with my taste. I guess I overthink too much. But, in the end, you’re here because I at least sometimes struck your chord.

Today, I feature an opulent ballad, incredible guitar sounds from Africa, rattling Swiss rock, a bold cover song and colourful electronica. The thread following all those songs is a certain ambience of timelessness.

Keep in mind that you’ll find these tracks also in the playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.

Sylvie Kreusch – All of Me

Belgian singer Sylvie Kreusch is most famous for her contributions to Maarten Devoldere’s Warhaus and its self-titled sophomore album. However, Kreusch has been steadily releasing music, building her reputation as a formidable artist.

All of Me, this year’s second single, certainly contributes to this notion of captivating attraction. Kreusch’s smoldering vocals spark warmth and comfort. In addition, the song features a vintage feeling, a timelessness that just keeps on growing.

Although All of Me starts like a brutal march, Kreusch quickly changes the perception to a velvety smooth ballad, banning the war drums to the background while lo-fi strings take the spotlight. The track remains relatively low-key for two-thirds of its runtime. But then, the brass section explodes into a frivolous firework. Pure adrenaline!

Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime

Mdou Moctar is, according to MOJO, “the hottest shredder in the Sahara.” Moctar released his new record, Afrique Victime, on Friday. Listening to this 9-track album undoubtedly proves MOJO’s verdict to be almost an understatement.