5 Tracks That Inspired Sensu

Swiss electronica artist Sensu has released a new EP. In this special edition, she shares five tracks that inspired her creative process.

It's been a couple of weeks now since Swiss electronic music producer Sensu released her latest EP, Numéro LDN. Heavily influenced by the urban canyons of UK's capitol, the sound is as sleepless, urging, and ever-changing. Between the crumbling brick buildings and high-rising towers of steel and glass, Sensu's tracks are embodying the very essence of this city of 9 million people.

Sensu spent three months in London to record five new, fast-paced tracks. The influence of UK garage is obvious, however, her characteristic playfulness remains present throughout Numéro LDN.

Sensu's first appearence in Weekly5 dates back to February 2021 when she was featured with Drawn, a conventionalism-defying track that captured attention through its complex structure and intricate rhythm.

This year, Sensu was present with two contributions. First, with the utterly brilliant remix of Noti's hooked, later with the second single release from the EP, Both Sides, a collaboration with rapper Denyher.

Naturally, Sensu's single releases, Pink and Both Sides, caught much more attention than just by Weekly5. Influencial outlets like BBC Radio 1, Triple J, and DJ Mag praised the tracks.

Photo: Pascal Wnuk

The EP's name, Numéro LDN, is a reference to the famous French fashion and art magazine Numéro which has local editions like Numéro Paris or Numéro Berlin. So in that sense, Sensu has created her own musical magazine with Numéro LDN, reflecting on her time at the Themse metropol.

But obviously, the title isn't any indication of the stunning sounds that await you on this EP. The journey begins with Heartbreak, a somewhat relaxed, lagging rhythm. There's a notion of lovely intimacy to the track, yet also a sense of wide-spanning growth.

Followed by the running Pink, with Jama Bucanon contributing the vocals. Here, jungle and UK garage influences become obvious. It's an insomniac, dirty song that reveals its refined details only if you listen carefully.

The EP's third entry, Hypnotize Me Baby, is driven by distorted vocals and a wobbling synthesizer; all while being again on the slower side. However, the track is dragging you deep into the dense atmosphere and is more enticing than its predecessors.

Until its single release, the raw sketches for Both Sides have been sitting on a hard drive for quite a while. So when Sensu rediscovered the fragments—generally inspired by London's urban vibe—Denyher's impeccable flow gave birth to an eclectic garage track.

Numéro LDN's final track, Do You Remember?, again takes a smoother approach, but is still forward-facing. The song rounds up the EP perfectly, tying in all tracks' danceable and dreamy qualities. Together, these five tracks create an incredible feeling, a flow that you can listen to on repeat while life rushes by. The sounds effortlessly sneak into your ears; resistance is futile.

However enticing Numéro LDN is, there's also a story behind Sensu's inspiration aside from London. Sensu was willing to share five tracks and artists that influenced and inspired her creative process for her new EP.

So, clear the stage for five tracks that inspired Sensu.

Overmono – So U Kno

When I first heard this song in London, I was utterly blown away by the euphoria it triggered in me. On the one hand, the track isn't overly produced; on the other, the details and the build-up are absolutely insane. Overmono are definitely one of the most inspiring acts in the past half-year.

Mura Masa ft. Slowthai – Deal Wiv It

As a longtime fan of Mura Masa, it's mindboggling how he constantly reinvents himself and keeps surprising. Slowthai has been one of my favourite artists since his debut record, and the collaboration with Mura Masa is unbeatable. It inspires me to not be trapped in one particular genre.

Burial & Four Tet – Moth

The depth of Moth touches me deeply. The atmospheric elements—typical for Burial—combined with the drums and details, the signature elements in all Four Tet tracks, are incredibly inspiring. Unfortunately, however, I discovered the song quite late: Coincidentally, I've come by a spontaneous live set by Joy Anonymous, the brother of Fred Again, at London's South Bank. He played this track.

PinkPantheress – Passion

The simple productions and unique voice by PinkPantheress have captivated me from the first second. It's fresh and sounds somehow different despite the resemblance to some 2000s pop songs. Her tracks have inspired me during my time in London to experiment.

salute – Fortress

The tunes by salute spark a similar euphoria like Overmono, but more on the happy side. I cannot sit still while listening to his tracks; it's simply impossible. Salute inspires me to create more danceable bangers myself.