Songs about youth and dreams

Weekly5・Edition #9 | New songs by girl in red, VIVIN, Jeans for Jesus x Steiner & Madlaina, NOTI, and Pierre J.

Songs about youth and dreams
girl in red announces her debut album. Photo: Jonathan Kise

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Moving on to today’s edition, I can promise you a much calmer selection compared to last week. There are polished bedroom indie, dreamy sounds from Austria, lucid electro-pop, and two calm but beautiful instrumental songs waiting for you.

girl in red – Serotonin

Norwegian Marie Ulven will finally release if i could make you go quiet, her debut album on April 30. It’s been almost three years since the 22-year-old artist’s first single, i wanna be your girlfriend, was featured by The New York Times as one of the best tracks in 2018.

Today, girl in red progressed to become a leader in queer indie music and the LGBTQ community and is generally an icon for a whole generation embracing vulnerability.

The latest single, Serotonin, co-produced by Billie Eilish’s producer FINNEAS, consolidates her standing. For the first time, girl in red flirts with rap. “When I figured out how to do this rappy part of Serotonin, I was like, this is the best shit that has ever happened to me,” she says.

Although the new single is moving away from the lo-fi bedroom pop, the signature guitar sound remains. And while the style seems to have changed, her songwriting remains uncompromisingly honest. Serotonin is an inner dialogue with her mental health, a rough journey into Ulven’s psyche: “I’m running low on serotonin; chemical imbalance got me twisting things. Stabilize with medicine, there is no death to these feelings.”