Denouncing Patriarchy

Edition #5 with FINE., Le Femme, Taylor Klara, Chuckamuck, and Boundaries.

Denouncing Patriarchy
21-year-old FINE. Photo: Mightkillya

👋 A wholehearted welcome to all new members of our small music community. Learn more about our values here. I hope today’s selection will inspire you.

It’s been a hell of a week at work for me. So I was immensely grateful for the first Crewlist with songs to unwind. Lying on the sofa, eyes closed, listening to these relaxing tracks – there’s no better way for me to calm down.

Now, it’s Saturday. Late evening, 11 pm. I’m going through all submissions to present five interesting releases. And I think I’ve found something that might excite you.

This week, we’re wandering through electronic forests, going crazy on surf-rock beaches, cuddling in front of a warm R&B fireplace, crossing a language barrier, and plunging into an obscure abyss.

Obviously, you can also do this in the Spotify playlist.

Let’s start the journey.

FINE. – Beware

Switzerland “celebrates” the fact that women can vote for 50 years. The perfect timing for 21-year-old FINE. to release Beware. Wrapped in a captivating, synth-driven package, the artist denounces patriarchy.

Beware features a somewhat exotic melody reminiscent of far eastern music. It elevates the otherwise darker ambience to a more playful level – an angry song without sounding like it.

La Femme – Foutre Le Bordel

Let’s imagine messing up the high society in Saint Tropez: What soundtrack would be the perfect match? It has to be Foutre Le Bordel by the French surf-rock outfit La Femme.

Their song reminds me of Ça plane pour moi by Belgian artist Plastic Bertrand but rather pivoting to a psychedelic note than classic punk and new wave. Nevertheless, Foutre Le Bordel is a sweaty blast.